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Jenny set up a hobby farm in the Canadian West Coast Rain Forest, clearing the land with pigs and raising ready-to-lay hens to sell. The books and articles on this web site represent knowledge which she has accumulated during this time.

Cleaning the Chicken Coop for 6 hens
by Jenny

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With all the emphasis on food security, more and more towns are allowing chickens in your back yard to provide fresh eggs for your family.

This chicken house is a good size for a small back yard, and measures 8ft long x 2ft 8ins wide, and the actual house, without the roof or blocks, is 4ft high. The plans for this coop have been designed by Jenny and are for sale on this site

Cleaning the Chicken Coop for 6 hens

Video Transcription - Cleaning the Chicken Coop for 6 Hens

I designed the coop as a closed box so you can put a roof of any style on it, since it is only to keep the rain off. My daughter, Sophie, chose a sloping roof for hers.

We're coming up to the side of the coop right now. The design is long and narrow so you never have to step inside to clean it.

The big double doors on the back make it easy to reach inside.

Sophie has put the feed hopper straight ahead inside one door, and the waterer just inside the other one.

The chickens have their own door on the other side where the run is. This chicken has come in to see what's going on.

Sophie is just emptying the straw out of the water trough for now. She will clean it later on.

She is taking the dirty straw out from underneath the roosts and putting it in the wheelbarrow. Once she has done that, she can move the clean straw from the other end of coop to what was the dirty end.

This whole cleaning operation only takes about 5 minutes

The oyster shell is heavy, so as she shakes the little hopper about, the light straw and other debris rises to the surface, where she can scoop it out.

Now she has fetched clean straw and has strewed it about on the clean floor.

The chicken house now has nice clean straw in it. Sophie has re-filled the water and removed the loose straw from the feed hopper on the left.

Now there is still the nesting box left to clean out. There are 4 eggs in it which were laid this morning, but Sophie can reach those from the outside.

She will have to take the eggs out first, and then she can come back in a minute and clean out the nesting box.

These 2 chickens came to investigate when Sophie went the next morning to pick up the early eggs.

Jenny's plans for the coop in this video are available at




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