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Math Internet Tutoring


Math Tutor, Jenny Robson
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Tutor - Susan Jennifer (Jenny ) Robson - B.Sc. Physics


April 2020


Jenny has now moved to North Saanich, BC, near Deep Cove Elementary School, having been a high school Math and Physics tutor in the Cowichan Valley, B.C. for over 20 years.


Math Tutoring Grades 8 - 12


$30 per hour

Internet Tutoring using an Interactive White Board

I have tutored over the internet in the past with a very good program called IDROO from and, with the advent of Covid 19, I am now offering it again


Lessons are 1 hour long.


Phone : 250-655-1661 - please leave a message

E-mail: jennysuerobson[at]

I am living with my daughter until my new home is built on Pender Island, so the recording says "You have reached Sophie ......." and does not give my name.



Idroo is free for the student. We both have to sign in to the program with Google, Windows Live or Facebook, and then I send the student a link via email so they can see the same board as I have up on my computer screen.


I will have the paid version which allows audio between the student and myself, as well as the shared white board and a chat box. Both the student and I are able to write on the board, and the student can use their mouse as a pen. I have a bamboo tablet with a stylus, so I will probably find it easier to write than the student, so if the student prefers, they can dictate to me and I can write on the white board for us both to see.


Since there is a free version, you can try the whiteboard out at without being connected in a tutoring session