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Math Tutor, Jenny Robson
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Tutor - Susan Jennifer (Jenny ) Robson

Jenny has been a high school Math tutor in Duncan in the Cowichan Valley, BC for over 20 years.


Math tutoring, grades 8 - 12 in the Cowichan Library, Duncan, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Lessons are 1 hour long.

Fees are $30 an hour

Phone : 250-748-4242


Downloadable Books written by Jenny


How to raise day-old chicks in your back yard cover
How to Raise Day-old Chicks in your Back Yard
by S. J. Robson
Pig Tales and Other Stories cover
Pig Tales
and Other Stories
by S. J. Robson
Chicken Coop for 6 hens cover
Woodworking Plans
Chicken Coop for 6 hens
by S. J. Robson