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Jenny's Hobby Farm

Jenny set up a hobby farm in the Canadian West Coast Rain Forest, clearing the land with pigs and raising ready-to-lay hens to sell. The books and articles on this web site represent knowledge which she has accumulated during this time.

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Pig Tales and Other Stories

by S. J. Robson (Jenny)


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51 chapters

103 photos, all hand coded to display after a page break.
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1st Edition 16th April 2015

© Copyright Susan Jennifer Robson 2015


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Chapter 1 - The arrival of the pigs

Chapter 3 - First day with the pigs

Chapter 8 - The feed race

Chapter 23 - Newborn Tamworth piglets


Ever since I was 11 years old and my family stayed in a holiday cottage on a farm, I had dreamed of having my own hobby farm. Finally, when I was 46 years old I achieved my dream. I could not afford one which was already set up, so instead I bought 15 acres of raw forested land in the Canadian West Coast Rain Forest and began the monumental task of turning it into a useable hobby farm. I only cleared as much land as I needed and left the rest as forest, with all its attendant wildlife sharing the property with us.

I bought three huge Tamworth pigs, which are a heritage breed with long legs whose survival instincts are still pretty much intact, to clear part of the land and they soon gave me seventeen piglets between them. The sows dug out nests about 10ft across for their babies and lined them with branches from the salal bushes which grew everywhere. They looked like giant birds' nests when they had finished. The boar, who was the father, and the mums worked together as a family unit, with the dad standing guard over the piglets while the mums took a break to get food and water.

The same day as the pigs arrived, my two hundred day-old chicks also flew in, literally, from Washington State. I ended up raising between 200 and 300 day-old chicks every few months, under the canopy of the forest, and selling them as laying hens when they matured at sixteen weeks old.

"Pig Tales and Other Stories" is a book of James Herriot style short stories about my pigs, chickens, dogs and cats and our interactions with the various wild animals which wandered in and out of the property as the whim took them.

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The Prologue

Chapter 1 - The stories begin with the arrival of the pigs

Chapter 2 - My childhood dream

Chapter 3 - First day with the pigs

Chapter 4 - The day the chicks arrived

Chapter 5 - Machetes in hand

Chapter 6 - All the cats get lost.

Chapter 7 - The first winter at Frog Hollow Farm or The Great Blizzard of 1996

Chapter 8 - The feed race

Chapter 9 - The Rats and the Water Lines

Chapter 10 - The Pig who came to dinner

Chapter 11 - The flood in the barn

Chapter 12 - The Chicks leave the barn for the first time

Chapter 13 - Charlie

Chapter 14 - Egg nightmares

Chapter 15 - Max's nine lives #1 - Max is cornered by the roosters

Chapter 16 - The Mud Bath

Chapter 17 - Tuppence gets lost in the bog

Chapter 18 - Charlie and the Buff Orpington Roosters

Chapter 19 - Sylvia and Sonia

Chapter 20 - My "Old Birds" and Matilda

Chapter 21 - Matilda goes missing

Chapter 22 - Pig Shenanigans

Chapter 23 - The piglets in the nests and the boar charge

Chapter 24 - Nuff's exile

Chapter 25 - Training the babies to come to the barn

Chapter 26 - Three piglets travel to Ontario

Chapter 27 - Selling the rest of the piglets

Chapter 28 - Rosy and Arnold

Chapter 29 - Tuppence's brush with the Cougar

Chapter 30 - "Mum" and her black and white chicks

Chapter 31 - Sonia and the broiler chicks

Chapter 32 - Buff-Buff goes broody

Chapter 33 - Hawk Attacks

Chapter 34 - Max's Nine Lives #2 - Max and the Cougar

Chapter 35 - My prayers are answered

Chapter 36 - Hens don't like snow

Chapter 37 - Moving the old birds to their new coop

Chapter 38 - Peanut is lost for 10 weeks

Chapter 39 - Blackie and the bear cubs by the bog

Chapter 40 - One of many tortured nights

Chapter 41 - The tapping

Chapter 42 - A bear visits Florence

Chapter 43 - A bear visits Dave

Chapter 44 - Max's nine lives #3 - Max and the Bear Attack

Chapter 45 - Living on the Urban / Wildlife interface

Chapter 46 - The little bear

Chapter 47 - Papa Bear Comes for Dinner

Chapter 48 - Max's nine lives #4 - Max and the Wolf

Chapter 49 - Max's nine lives #5 - Max and the Elk

Chapter 50 - Bear cubs in Millie's pear tree

Chapter 51 - Max's nine lives - Last update

The Epilogue


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