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Jenny's Hobby Farm

Jenny set up a hobby farm in the Canadian West Coast Rain Forest, clearing the land with pigs and raising ready-to-lay hens to sell. The books and articles on this web site represent knowledge which she has accumulated during this time.


Books written by Jenny

Cover photo of book of plans for chicken coop for 6 hens


S.J. Robson's Woodworking Plans Vol 1

Chicken Coop Plans for 6 hens

by S. J. Robson (Jenny)

Carefully thought out and very detailed architectural style plans to build a chicken coop suitable for up to 6 hens. Included are photos, instructions and plan drawings for every stage of construction. Anyone who has basic carpentry skills should be able to follow the plans to build this chicken house.


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Cover photo of book pig tales and other stories


Pig Tales and Other Stories

by S. J. Robson (Jenny)

Ever since I was 11 years old and my family stayed in a holiday cottage on a farm, I had dreamed of having my own farm. Finally, when I was 46 years old I achieved my dream. I bought 15 acres of raw forested land in the Canadian West Coast Rain Forest and began the monumental task of setting it up as a hobby farm. This book is the story of the adventures I had on my farm, with a mama bear sharing the property with me and various other wild animals wandering in and out as the whim took them.


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Cover photo of book on raising chickens


How to Raise Day-old Chicks in Your Back Yard

by S. J. Robson (Jenny)

The author, S.J. Robson, has made a reference book for those interested in raising chickens for the first time. Such basics as heat and space needs, brooder and coop layout, feeding and more, for both layer and broiler chickens, are all covered. Information on fully grown hens and roosters is also included. A number of problems likely to be encountered in a small flock are given, and there is also some information about incubating eggs and broody hens. S.J. Robson has had extensive experience raising day-old-chicks when operating a small farm on Vancouver Island, raising up to 300 chicks at a time and selling them as ready-to-lay hens every 5 months.


Download .pdf or .epub $2.99 CAD more details

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