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Jenny's Hobby Farm

Jenny set up a hobby farm in the Canadian West Coast Rain Forest, clearing the land with pigs and raising ready-to-lay hens to sell. The books and articles on this web site represent knowledge which she has accumulated during this time.

Articles by Jenny

Photo of mother hen and baby chicks

How to Raise Day-old Chicks in Your Back Yard

This article tells you how to get ready for your day old chicks, and what to do when they first arrive. Read More...


picture of mason bee entering hole

Why we should all Encourage Mason Bees
to Live in our Back Yards

Many of the regular honey bees where I live in Canada are being wiped out by a small mite. Elsewhere, all over continental North America, they are disappearing in record numbers. Our crops still need to be pollinated and one alternative is to encourage mason bees to come and nest in your garden or small orchard. Read more...


Tamworth pig, Scarlett

How to Clear Your Land using Free Range Pigs

This article tells you why I chose Tamworth pigs to clear my land, how I set up the electric fence, built an A-frame pig sty, fed them after they trashed their feed trough and eventually found an ideal waterer that they did not knock over. Read More...


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