Scarlett, the Tamworth pig Scarlett, the Tamworth pig

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I have supposedly retired and am spending the rest of my life doing all the things I enjoy.

My website seems to be unconventional in that it covers everything I do, much to the dismay of some SEO specialists who write to me wanting to change my site to be more focused on one thing. I tutor high school Math and Physics and write web pages and next year, Covid 19 allowing, I will be opening up a small B & B.

I have set up my garden almost entirely with native plants to cope with our summer droughts and water shortages and have been propagating some of them ready to sell at seedy Sunday events on Vancouver Island next year.

I have included some information on raising pigs, chickens and mason bees, as well as hex to decimal conversions for computer students, all of which seem to be accessed on a fairly regular basis, so I am leaving those pages here for your benefit.